Why I am Running

I announced my candidacy for the 3rd District to give the voters a choice….a Goode Choice. As a father, Soldier for Life and a concerned hardworking American, I am very disturbed to see how the political system is manipulated by the political class/establishment, dominated by career politicians and Wall Street PAC money. And I, like most other parents and grandparents, realize the huge economic burden our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren has and will incur by continuing to allow the political class to represent us in our nation’s capital.

We, outside the political class, work hard, budget our money and try to save for the future. Yet, our efforts are minimized by an insatiable desire by politicians to spend our hard earned tax dollars in exchange for political favors. Their excessive spending has fueled government growth into every sector of our economy. A growing government can only mean more regulation, more interference and more invasive activity to undermine all aspects of our freedom in America.

I believe the 3rd District of Kansas wants a constitutional conservative who has demonstrated the abilities to remain steadfast in the face of liberal assaults on American foundational values…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Kansans deserve a Congressman who is not a career politician; a Congressman who will not equivocate, prevaricate or fabricate responses to his constituency. The 3rd District wants a Congressman who is proud of his Judeo Christian heritage, who is not part of the political class and who will fight to keep government within the boundaries set by our Constitution and Amendments.

If my entry into this race seems like a long shot it is because I am not following the predictable path of career politicians/political class. A predictable path would have me pandering to special interest groups, Wall Street PACs, and courting influential establishment politicians for months if not years in the hopes of  “winning” the establishment’s approval and the establishment’s ultimate “anointing” as the chosen one. 

That path is not for me as I have chosen to take my campaign directly to those who really matter, the people of the 3rd Congressional District.  Some think the necessary work for such a grass roots endeavor is a burden; for me quite the contrary it is a rewarding part of living the American dream.  

It is time to stand and fight in our Nation’s capital to rein in this out of control spending; to rein in this undermining of our Judeo Christian values, it’s time to take our country back.  For our country and for the 3rd District, I will take this fight to Washington, just as I stood and fought against our nation’s foes in the Middle East, Europe and throughout the world.  

I truly am a battle tested constitutional conservative who would be honored to represent you as your Kansas 3rd District Congressman.