Greg Goode Files For U.S. Congress

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Goode For Congress

Greg Goode announces candidacy for Congress
By Media Relations, Lt. Colonel Greg Goode (retired) for Congress

16 May, 2016

US House Congressional District #3 of Kansas – LTC Greg Goode (ret), a constitutional conservative Republican, has announced his candidacy for U.S. Representative, 3rd District of Kansas. Goode will provide 3rd District constituents a voice in Washington not shackled by corruption, fraud and special interest money as is currently the case.  Lt. Colonel Goode (ret) recognizes voters must have a choice in order for them to hold their representatives accountable …a Goode Choice.

Greg states, “Our sovereign republic is destroyed when Wall Street and Big Banks pay the price of admission to gain special access to and special favors from Congress.  As your 3rd District Congressman I will not participate in this disgrace.  I will not take money from any PAC.   I am career military, not a career politician in the pocket of Establishment Republicans.”

Greg continues, “Outside our district, our Congressman, Kevin Yoder, is infamous as one of the 12 congressmen under ethics investigation for pay-to-play with the payday lending industry.  This practice, rampant in Washington, takes big, big bucks from Wall Street Banks then gives those banks big, big favors, exemplified by the Citigroup amendment carried my our Congressman. I encourage you all to look it up.”  

Greg continues, “Congressman Kevin Yoder also shamefully carried Planned Parenthood’s bloody water by voting on December 18th 2015 for Planned Parenthood’s full funding along with Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel.”

He continues, “We the People can no longer stand silent as Washington insiders fund a social agenda that kills our unborn and foists the LGBT vision of America upon our school children.  Planned Parenthood must be defunded and the Department of Education must be closed.  No to tax dollars for Planned Parenthood and no to Washington dictating how we run our schools, much less our bathrooms.”

Greg concludes, “I am proud to be a US Army Soldier for Life who will fight for the people of the 3rd District as hard as I have fought to defend our nation throughout the world from the Cold War to Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

LTC Greg Goode (ret) is a battle tested leader and constitutional conservative. You are invited to provide input to his campaign:

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