Omnibus Overview

Greg Goode for Congress ­ Press Release

 Just because we’re in the 3rd District in Kansas doesn’t mean we should come in third (or lower) on Representative Yoder’s list of priorities! Shouldn’t we be first on the list, ahead of the President’s agenda and Speaker Ryan’s agenda?

 Our current 3rd District Congressman (along with Sen Pat Roberts), was the only Kansas Representative to vote ‘yea’ for the Omnibus bill on December 18 th, 2015, which is an outrageous defection from his supposed conservative values. If you’re confused, frustrated and angry, you are not alone. We have a candidate, Lt. Colonel Greg Goode (R), who, as a battle tested leader and constitutional conservative, is prepared to make our 3rd Congressional District’s conservative principles number one.

 The Omnibus Bill was a total betrayal of the Republican Party’s platform and principles, but, more importantly, a betrayal of the good people of the 3rd Congressional District.

 A brief overview reveals that this negotiated, behind­closed­doors legislation saddled us with:

  •  Base level spending increased by $80 billion over two years
  •  Full funding of ObamaCare
  •  Full funding of Planned Parenthood, even with all of the evidence that many PP ‘clinics’ sell aborted babies’ parts
  •  Full funding of Illegal Immigrants’ welfare and ‘entitlements’
  • Full funding of increased numbers of refugees, along with refugees’ welfare and ‘entitlements’, without any additional resources dedicated to vetting of refugees being imported into the U. S.
  • Full funding of Sanctuary cities and communities that refuse to comply with existing law
  • Quadrupling of H2B visas, stealing more jobs from U. S. citizens
  • Stripping limits on EPA regulations, allowing for massively destructive Coal Power Plant rules, the Ozone rule and the contentious, ‘Waters of the United States’ rule to be imposed upon us. NOTE: Being in Kansas, due to our reliance upon coal fired electricity, the Coal Power Plant rules are especially crippling to residential, commercial, agricultural and government users of electricity
  • A deceptive, taxpayer funding of Climate Change (page 605)
  •  Cyber Surveillance/Security enabling intelligence and law enforcement entities to collect private information without a warrant
  • Bailout of the International Money Fund (IMF), increasing U. S. participation to fund bailouts in other countries!!
  •  $1.2 billion in new, taxpayer funding of the Department of Education

 This list is far from being exhaustive. With over 2,000 pages that were not read by Representatives and Senators, prior to being voted upon, U. S. taxpaying citizens continue to be attacked by those who have sworn an oath to represent and protect us. We can’t control who represents districts outside of the 3rd District of Kansas, but we can elect someone who will represent us. Now is the time to make your vote count beyond Election Day!

To learn more, please contact, Greg Goode for Congress:  Media Relations
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