Immigration Mafia

For Immediate Release:

Greg Goode Comments on Dangerous Borders

By Media Relations, Lt. Colonel Greg Goode (Retired) for Congress

15 June, 2016

Our unsecure and dangerous borders are brought to us by a powerful pro-illegal immigration mafia (a group that continues to undermine our current immigration laws) headed by then Senator Sam Brownback and his young protégé Paul Ryan. This mafia has worked for decades to take care of their big corporate donors.

Congressman Kevin Yoder has joined their mafia. On December 18, 2015 he joined Senator Pat Roberts as the *ONLY member of the Kansas House delegation* to vote for the Omnibus spending bill.

Yoder’s vote *FULLY FUNDED sanctuary cities*, illegal amnesty, Obama’s increased refugee program and did NOT fund the wall.

I ask for your vote on August 2nd. Send me to Congress; I will stand up to the big corporations, the open borders mafia and Make America Safe Again.

I am Greg Goode, a Candidate for the US House of Representatives, Kansas 3rd District, and I approved this message.


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