Issue Talking Points

The Insane Spending – How do we stop it…Fair Tax…Repeal the Johnson Amendment

Our representatives vote to spend money when there is no money, but when we overspend our homes and cars are repossessed? It is just a continuation the mountainous debt………..what a disgraceful inheritance to leave to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Much of the blame lies in ignoring the 10th Amendment that reserves state’s rights over that which is not explicitly determined to a matter for the Federal Government. Over the decades, federal government has encroached on state’s rights by accepting federal dollars with many, many strings attached. An example is education, local and state school boards have been neutered by Washington? How? The federal government merely prints money and then blackmails our School district into submission; submission to Federal Government education policies and guidelines. This exchange of money for federal Department of Education influence in our local schools was described by Ronald Reagan as a ‘A bureaucratic boondoggle’ was Reagan’s May 4, 1980. Now is the time to heed his call for the closure the US Department of Education.

Illegal Immigration, Border Security, National Security

I have had real life experience of maintaining the integrity of then West Germany’s border for 2 years during the cold war. A secured border is crucial for our national defense from foreign and domestic enemies. Unfortunately, our borders have now have been made a mockery as our immigration laws are unconstitutionally ignored or suspended by the Executive branch. This is unconscionable and dangerous as it allows illegal activity to flow across our border unimpeded. The Omnibus Bill, for which your 3rd District Congressman voted ‘Yea’, provided funding to permanently resettle 170,000 Syrian refugees plus the quadrupling of H2B visas. Enough is enough, sanity must be restored by defending our borders and demanding immigration laws be in place to put America first, not the rest of the world.

2nd Amendment –

Anyone with knowledge of the 2nd Amendment within the context of our Nation’s history, recognizes the key reason it was included within the Bill of Rights was to provide for the defense of the citizenry from a rogue government, not for hunting privileges.

Stop Bank Bailouts

Among your congressman’s largest contributors are those within the finance industry, big, big bucks from Big Wall Street Banks for big, big favors. In 2014, according to the Huffington Post (hardly a right-leaning publication), Your representative introduced a provision that had been written by Citigroup executives. 85% percent of the amendment was lifted from an email from Citigroup. These favors granted in return for campaign contributions is behavior that must destroyed at the roots…. the people must throw the bums out of office.

Defund ObamaCare –

Any discerning individual realizes that when something must be forced upon the masses, that ‘something’ can’t be good for the masses. We are constantly told how many times the Republicans have voted to save us from ObamaCare. Yet, these votes seemed to be nothing more than theatrics and not action, but, when there was a genuine opportunity to defund ObamaCare, how did your congressman vote? He voted for fully funding this attack upon us, via our healthcare system, by voting in favor of the latest omnibus bill!

Protection of Life –

Heartbreaking videos provided by the Center for Medical Progress, proved Planned Parenthood’s mission is not just abortion, but the sale of aborted baby parts. This takes the abortion debate to an entirely different and disturbing level. And how did our Congressman vote on full funding for Planned Parenthood? His vote was in the ‘yea’ column for the Dec. 18th, 2015 Omnibus bill, which provided full funding for Planned Parenthood.

Our Congressman’s had a variety of excuses; he didn’t want to close the government down. Kansans for Life excuse for continuing to endorse Yoder, “we did not score that vote”

Education – Stop Common Core and Regain & Retain Local Control (parents and taxpayers) -

Our educational system has been hijacked for several decades by both the State and Federal Department’s of Education. It is time to re-seize control of our educational system at the local level, close the Department of Education and eliminate Common Core. Common Core has been forced upon an unsuspecting public hopes of higher achievement for education. Instead, the public received a curriculum that eliminated standards in exchange for adaptive learning whereby no student fails. Additionally, the children in public and subscribing parochial schools participate in the US government’s data mining. This is a massive effort to gain children’s personal data that is unobtainable or even prohibited through other means. The data is stored and shared in in place to be used for much more than educational purposes. The privacy invasion isn’t just a federal wrong; there’s state-level invasion of local control, too: to be specific, our state’s robbing parents of the right to fully govern their own children as current systems do not allow individual student data to be withheld from the data submission process.