Yoder is Corrupt

For Immediate Release:

*Greg Goode Comments on Letter to 3rd District Voters with Details on Yoder's Corruption*

By Media Relations, Lt. Colonel Greg Goode (Retired) for Congress

16 July, 2016

On Aug 2nd, 2016, It's time to send a message to Washington DC and Vote the Political Class OUT!!!

“We the People” don’t have the ability to print money as they can in Washington, “We the People” don’t have the insider’s access to the moneyed class; what we do have is the power of our vote. Our government belongs to us; it’s time to take it back!

Let's fight back against Yoder's $2.4 million campaign fund. We sent out 7500 letters to voters in the 3rd District to provide the necessary details for revealing the facts of Yoder's corruption. Download and send the Yoder Corruption Letter  to everyone you know. This letter is the result of months of extensive research checking and rechecking the facts and it is true. From Hillary Clinton, to Paul Ryan and our Congressman Kevin Yoder, they are ALL bought and paid for by big Wall Street banks.

I am Greg Goode, a Candidate for the US House of Representatives, Kansas 3rd District, and I approved this message.



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