Goode Miami County GOP Meeting Address

For Immediate Release: 

Greg Goode addresses Miami County Kansas Republican Party Meeting

By Media Relations, Lt. Colonel Greg Goode, USA( (Retired) for Congress

27 June, 2016

US House Congressional District #3 of Kansas – Greg Goode, GOP Candidate, addressed the 23 June GOP meeting at the Paola Cultural Center’s International Room, 905 East Wea Street, in Paola Kansas. Goode was asked to provide the address by Miami County GOP Chair Carrie Gregar.

Goode’s remarks centered on voter’s responses he has received since beginning his campaign on the 6th of May. He indicated the vast majority of voters are frustrated with the current Republican Party establishment. The voters don’t understand how Republicans can control the Kansas and Federal legislative bodies yet nothing gets done at the State or Federal level. Goode went on to say he is not surprised and said the voters should not be surprised either. The current state of affairs is the result of sending career politicians to Washington DC.

Goode elaborated on his response and provided details with FEC numbers illustrating how Yoder, a career politician, is guided by donors instead of voters. And, the majority of Yoder’s donors are from by the finance, banking and insurance industries (430 Political Action Committees (PAC) and 492 large donors). Goode differentiated his campaign and said, “My campaign does not take any PAC money. Voters know who Yoder is taking money from and what special interest groups are determining how he votes and how he writes legislation.”

Goode also echoed his initial campaign announcement, “Our everyday citizens are true patriots that are smart, engaged and passionate about relevant topics and voice their concerns to their elected representatives. Yet our elected representatives’ respond as if the voters are not engaged on the issues. Goode said, “Career politicians” typically respond to voters in one of three ways. They equivocate, prevaricate or fabricate; they dance around the issue; they lie about the issue; or just make stuff up.”

It is up to the voters to hold Yoder accountable. Yet, without a primary challenger, the GOP voters do not have a choice. Goode stated, “Yoder has not faced a primary opponent since winning the open seat in 2010”. That was the last time there was a Republican Party primary challenger in the 3rd Congressional District.

Goode, a US Army retired Lieutenant Colonel, revealed the need for leaders vs politicians in Washington. In his career as an Army Officer, he was known as a Maverick and will bring that spirit with his demonstrated leadership abilities to represent the 3rd District in Washington. Goode gives voters choice on Aug 2…a Goode choice!


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