Goode is the Goode Choice for Kansas 3rd District

You have a Goode Choice for KANSAS 3RD District

*I announced my candidacy for the 3rd District to give the voters a choice….a Goode Choice. As a father, Soldier for Life and a concerned, hardworking American, I am very disturbed to see how the political system is manipulated by a political establishment dominated by career politicians and the political class.*

Career POliticians

Greg: I don’t like career politicians. I have earned a military retirement, healthcare and will not attempt to gain another Federal retirement as a Congressman. I do not and will not accept PAC money. My message to ALL future representatives as they contemplate becoming a public servant: You represent your constituents and not Political Action Committees or other special interests to include your own.

Kevin: Yoder has been in political office since 2003 (8 years in KS House) and is seeking re-election for a fourth term in Congress. Kevin is obviously a career politician fully funded by Washington DC based PACs ($843k). Kevin’s financial disclosure reveals he opted into the Kansas retirement system (KPERS) and was fully vested in the Federal retirement after 5 years in Congress.

Federal GOVERNMENT Insane Spending

*Greg: *The federal deficit is currently at $19 trillion, growing and unsustainable. We, outside the political class, work hard, budget our money and try to save for the future. Yet, our efforts are minimized by an insatiable desire by the career politicians to spend our hard earned tax dollars in exchange for political favors. Their excessive government spending has fueled government growth. A growing government can only mean more regulation, more interference and more invasive activity to undermine all aspects of our freedom in America.

Kevin: Voted for (He was the only member of the KS House Delegation to vote Yea) the FY2016 spending in the Omnibus. It is $50 billion higher than the original Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) levels. That bipartisan budget Act set a maximum amount of discretionary spending, not a spending goal that had to be obtained. Since its enactment in 2011, the Budget Control Act caps set by the law have *been exceeded each year Kevin has been in Congress.* He has not demonstrated any ability to remain steadfast in the face of Political Action Committee pressures.

National security

Greg: I have had real life experience of maintaining the integrity of then West Germany’s border for 2 years during the cold war. A secured border is crucial for our national defense from foreign and domestic enemies; securing our nation is required under Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution. Unfortunately, our borders have now have been made a mockery as our immigration laws are unconstitutionally ignored or suspended by the Executive branch. This is unconscionable and dangerous as it allows illegal activity to flow across our border unimpeded. We must defend our borders (Men, Weapons and Equipment) and demand immigration laws be in place to put America first, not the rest of the world.

Kevin: *Yoder has done nothing to defend our Nation’s borders since a 3 day inspection tour in Aug 2013.* The 2016 Omnibus Bill, for which Yoder voted ‘Yea’, did nothing to fund the wall or curb the flow of refugees; as a matter of fact, it fully funded Obama’s executive amnesty and refugee programs. There were only 30 miles of fence built by Obama. The original bill signed by President Bush authorized 700 miles of fence.


Greg: I will vote to defund federal government efforts that allow terrorists to come here under the guise of Syrian refugees. Yes, that may mean shutting the US Government down as Congress exercises the power of the purse.

Kevin: Despite all his rhetoric, Kevin voted for the Omnibus spending bill. It fully funds every U.S. immigration program currently in existence. The legislation approved funding for the issuance of nearly three hundred thousand visas to migrants from Muslim countries in the next year alone. Kevin’s vote funds Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs, Sanctuary Cities, Obama’s continued executive amnesty for DREAMers, and the resettlement of illegal aliens within the U.S. interior.

2nd Amendment

Greg: I have lived and operated in countries where only the Police have weapons. We call these “Police States”. I will not stand idle in the face of attempts to turn our country into a Police State. Our 2nd Amendment is the second amendment for a purpose. The key reason it was included within the Bill of Rights was to provide for the defense of the citizenry from a rogue government, not for hunting privileges.

Kevin: He has yielded in the face of liberal assaults on every aspect of our freedoms. He won’t even put an elephant on his campaign signs. If you follow the $ you can find liberal Kevin!


Greg: I oppose new taxes and will not vote to raise taxes. I will actively pursue a smaller government, not expand it. I will look for ways to reduce taxes, including corporate income tax and income taxes on military and social security benefits. Typical Americans deserve a break from ever increasing taxes. As a Fair Tax advocate, your gross pay should be your net pay. I signed the Reject the Debt pledge from the Coalition to Reduce Spending.

Kevin: His most recent vote to increase government spending was the Dec 2015 Omnibus Spending Bill. Spending more Federal $ does not give us a smaller government. Kevin has been in Congress for six years and the Fair Tax Act has not moved during his time in Congress…too bad Kevin can’t get this bill to move as he did get the Citigroup Amendment into the 2015 Cromnibus bill.

Picking Winners and Losers (taxpayers)

Greg: I believe the government should create a level playing field on which businesses compete – not pick winners and losers. I will fight to remove outdated and unnecessary regulations, laws and licensing requirements which favor certain businesses. No industry should use the taxpayer to bail them out of risky investments.

*Kevin: * Allowed the Citigroup amendment (hand-written by lobbyists from Citigroup — with two crucial paragraphs were pulled verbatim) into the Cromnibus bill to avoid the normal policymaking process. He introduced the measure straight into the appropriations process thereby making policy in a spending bill that was intended to fund basic government services. This amendment allows the country’s too-big-to-fail banks to gamble on derivatives – the exotic financial instruments which helped precipitate the last crisis – with funds that are insured by taxpayers. As a member of the Appropriation Committee, Kevin *Yoder’s amendment was approved without a formal, recorded vote. *


Greg: I oppose Common Core and will fight to eliminate the US Dept. of Education (DOE). The mere existence of DOE runs counter to the conservative principle that small government, local control, and family-based decisions work best. As your Representative, I’ll reverse the trend of giving up our decision-making power to D.C. bureaucrats. We must allow local school districts to choose curricula and standards from a menu of options (which must include non-Common Core-based options) none of which are provided by the Federal DOE or National Governors Association. I strongly believe Kansas Teachers are integral components of the education system and parents have the ultimate responsibility for educating their children. The US DOE did not exist before President Jimmy Carter….the US DOE should have been voted out with him. We must close this invasive bureaucracy.

Kevin: He stood idle as Common Core was forced on Kansas as a sitting KS House member when it was adopted in 2010 (Kansas College and Career Ready Standards). During his time as a sitting Kansas US Congressman, US DOE made the Common Core a requirement to qualify for a grant. Kevin voted for the continued federal government control over the education of Kansas children – Dec 2015 THE STUDENT SUCCESS ACT (H.R. 5). The SSA is the House version of ESSA and both are mandate(s) from Washington for our local school boards to follow.

Pro LIfe

Greg: I understand that life begins at conception and fully support the efforts grounded in our Kansas Republican Party platform to the same end. Heartbreaking videos provided by the Center for Medical Progress, proved Planned Parenthood’s mission is not just abortion, but the sale of aborted baby parts. This takes the abortion debate to an entirely different and disturbing level. I will support and vote in in favor of any bill that defunds Planned Parenthood.

Kevin: His vote was in the ‘Yea’ column for the Dec. 18th, 2015 Omnibus bill, which provided full funding for Planned Parenthood. Kevin had a variety of excuses; he didn’t want to close the government down. Kansans for Life excuse for continuing to endorse Yoder, “we did not score that vote”. Then later, in a Jan 2016 house speech, Kevin said,” The House will also defund organizations that engage in the horrific and sad process of dissecting and harvesting aborted baby organs and reinvest that money in organizations that are truly focused on women's health care.” A definite conflict between Kevin’s voting record and what he says!

Defund Obmacare

Greg: Any discerning individual realizes that when something must be forced upon the masses, that ‘something’ can’t be good for the masses. We are constantly told how many times the Republicans have voted to save us from Obamacare. Yet, these votes seemed to be nothing more than theatrics and not action. I will follow through with action to defund Obamacare at every opportunity to include shutting down the government.

*Kevin: * When there was a genuine opportunity to defund Obamacare, how did your congressman vote? He voted for fully funding of Obama Care as part of the Omnibus Spending bill in Dec 2015 and Cromnibus bill in 2014. Kevin attacked us, via our healthcare system, by voting in favor of these spending bills!


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