I can't be bought

I ask for you vote on August 2nd

As I’ve walked door to door, I’ve listened to your frustrations as to what career politicians are doing to our country. My response, it’s time for We the People to take our country back beginning right here, right now in Kansas 3rd District.

We all know many of our politicians are bought and paid for by big multi-national corporations. The unfortunate truth, our Congressman, Kevin Yoder is the poster boy for this massive corruption.

Go look it up, Citigroup amendment Kevin Yoder, Payday loan ethics investigation Kevin Yoder. It’s all there for all to see.

I served you for 28 years from combat infantry in the Gulf War to Logistics Officer in Baghdad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZPHutRm2kE. I will fight for you not big money elites who believe they can buy whatever and whoever they want. To big money I have news, I will not take ANY PAC money, I am not for sale.

I ask for you vote on August 2nd, God bless you and God bless America.